Create Your Talking Avatar - Honest Johnny

If you want to create a talking character, click on this link :

Remember your avatar is an English speaker!
Have fun!

This is the post from April 2012, many of you told me that you couldn't find the link, so I decided to post it again.

The Alphabet With Elmo and India Arie

India Arie sings the ABC's with Elmo.

Classroom English

Watch the video and then visit the website to learn new words and play at the same time here http://www.learningchocolate.com/content/lets-have-class

Have fun!

The Alphabet

by ELF Learning

Vocabulary Games from Cambridge English

Vocabulary games from http://www.cambridgeenglish.org
Level A1-A2, play here and have fun :  http://www.rdlessons.com/monkey-puzzles.html
There are many different levels :
  1. Meet the animals!
  2. Sports Day
  3. Art in the park
  4. Snowball Fight
  5. It's your party!
  6. Let's go shopping!
  7. Flying High!
  8. Traffic Jam

England Quiz

Click the link below and see how much you know about England !


Note : it's an old quiz, the Prime Minister is David Cameron.

Food in Britain